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dxdllreg.exe and co. problem

No program will start.. :(

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ndakota91 Sunday 25 April 2010 at 16:30

Hi to all! I need help with PlayOnLinux on my OpenSuse box.

I get a window saying that "dxdllreg.exe" has an error and that it has to be closed. This happens everytime I try to run a program.

System specs:
OpenSUSE 11.2 64bit
KDE 4.3.5
POL 3.7.5-3.1
Everything is up-to-date with proper drivers installed.

Thanks everyone in advance
ndakota91 Sunday 25 April 2010 at 16:41

*** EDIT: I have also forgot about the video drivers, maybe this may help: I have an Nvidia 7000M with 195.36.15 driver installed

(Sorry for the reply, I haven't found an "edit post" option)
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