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Trying to get Prototype running

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djBo Wednesday 25 August 2010 at 0:25

Let's start with short intro. Completely new to PlayOnLinux and it's forums and only one wish: play Prototype on my Linux box.
System is AMD Athlon X2 64 6400+, 4Gb DDR2, PCIe ATI Radeon HD3870/512Mb running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid AMD64 Desktop.

Trying to install in various ways, including the script from http://www.playonlinux.com/en/topic-2726-script_Prototype.html.

In all cases the game in my dvd drive is mounted on /media/cdrom0.

Method 1: Installing by hand with manual installation:
- Install game using setup.exe from CD, in prefix 'Prototype', creating shortcut.
- Install DirectX using CD\\DirectX\\DXSETUP.EXE, in prefix 'Prototype', no shotcut.
- Rename movies.rcf to movies.rcf.bak.
Play stalls after first or second intro screen. Then flips to 640*480, and I need to switch to a console to kill the running wine process.

Method 2: installing using above script:
- Install using 'Tools->Run a non-official script'
Fails completely. Questions are asked, but none of the setup's is executed. The files is needs ARE downloaded, so it indicates it IS doing something.
Any attemps to fix it have been fruitless.

Method 3: Installing using above script in POL Debugger:
- Carefully run the script by entering everything line by line.
- Verified that various variables were getting set properly.
- Installation runs pretty much perfect, eg everything does get installed.
Fails like method 1, it freezes after the first or second intro screen of the game including the resolution change again.

When using the scripts, it installs Wine 1.1.44. But Ubuntu Lucid comes with Wine 1.2. Even trying to change the settings of the installed application using 'Tools->Manage Wine versions' doesn't fix anything.
I've also been trying to meddle with other settings, but none of them are fruitfull. Most of the times it just freezes and changes resolution and that's it.

Any suggestions on anything else I could try are very welcome.

~ He that writeth less code, debuggeth less at the end of the day ~
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