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Trying to install IE6

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rxt Monday 6 December 2010 at 15:58

Hi there!

For some time I've been trying to get IE6 and IE7 working on my Ubunbu desktop. Now I've found Playonlinux, and I could install IE7, and that works fine up til now. The only problem is that I cannot install IE6.

I click the Install button, select IE6, click Apply. Then I get the POL install wizard for IE6. I follow the wizard, it seems that IE6 is downloaded and installed. Then the wizard closes, and IE6 does not appear in the programs list.

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10 x64.

Is there a way to get this working?
rxt Tuesday 7 December 2010 at 9:23

Upgrading to the latest version of POL solved my problem.
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