Installing Spotify in non-default location

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Gustra Saturday 2 April 2011 at 8:18


I am running POL 3.7.3 on Kubuntu 10.10, and I am new to POL.

There was no FAQ and I found no post about it. I am not sure this is supported or not, but installing Spotify in a non-default menu location does not appear to work. I added menu level "Media" between "Program\\Spotify":

I also chose to add a menu item in the KDE menu.

It is not possible to start Spotify since the path POL thnk it is installed in is wrong:

Kunde inte köra angivet kommando. Filen eller katalogen file:///[...]/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Spotify/drive_c/Program/Spotify existerar inte.
In english: Could not execute given command: file does not exist

I'll reinstall it in the default location, I just wonder if this is a problem with the Spotify installation script, or is non-default installation location generally not supported?

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