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Help Pls.

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Lazlov Saturday 20 October 2012 at 21:29


So i download playonmac and install steam. Its work perffect (the steam and games on it work good to) so i buy a PC game called "city car driving". I choosed manual installation and start installing game , everythink so good, but when he start doing the last step (i dont remember what it was) i all the time it was "please wait a moment" (i think that was some step with a virtual disc) and its never be done. There was "please wait a moment" for about hour. Then i cancel it, go to configuraton and the game...Worked! But...One of the buutone called "register" dont work, of caurse im in in game intereface. Im sure thats not a game problem (i install it on PC work perffect).

Help PLZ!