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Wizard101 on Linux Mint 14

Played on Wine and PlayonLinux

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MinaLisa Wednesday 9 January 2013 at 13:17

Make sure to Update your Wine and PlayonLinux installations, then use Playonlinux to Install Wizard101 after virtual drive is created and game installed YOU MUST abort game after it begind to update.. otherwise you will download a ton of junk graphics. You must use PlayonLinux to download and install DirectX9 THEN you can play Wizard101 by allowing it to update and launch then download all those Cashed files. I play just fine in HI-REZ modes but some stuff goes wonky and you can't just some stuff and re download it you have to re-install. So if you have problems at HI-Rez just re-install and keep the details high and turn off high rez textures. Otherwise the game flies and no proc or vid lag like in Vista-H-P-SP2.

Have fun and see you there.

Next Time I am going to try and get Dungeons and Dragons Online Going with DirectX11 and see if I can't make Wine... Cry! LOL.

PS if my system specs are important to your attempt at installation please post a request here I will make up a system profile and post it here basically it's an old Toshiba laptop pent4X2 3Gig-Ram, Running only Mint 14 with Wine 1.4 and Latest Playon Linux.

 Happy Trails!!!
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