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[HowTo] World of Tanks on Intel GPU

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Roin Monday 22 April 2013 at 19:22

So I've encuntered some issues with getting World of Tanks to work under PoL so I'm trying to sum up what I did to make it work.
My System:
Slackware 14.0 64 bit with multilib
Intel SandyBridge on a core i5
First install WoT using PoL, the script installs everything you need. If you launch it you'll maybe notice that your tank and the majority of the textures are simply black. This is because the MESA driver misses an extension that due to US patent restrictions can not be included with the MESA driver. So what you have to do is install a library called "libtxc_dxtn" (that is the name on slackbuilds.org so you might want to check for libtxc on your distribution).
Now you can create a Launcher for the World_of_Tanks.exe directly in PoL and launch it from there (launching the game from the WOTLauncher.exe does not work as it seems).
Or launch it from command line like this:
cd ~/PlayOnLinux\\'s\\ virtual\\ drives/WorldOfTanks/drive_c/Games/World_of_Tanks/
~/.PlayOnLinux/wine/linux-x86/1.5.24/bin/wine WorldOfTanks.exe
This will directly start the game, the WoTLauncher can be started from PoL directly without any issues.
One final note, FPS is a bit low and you have a small input lag, but it remains playable anyway.
Hope this can help someone.


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