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About Install List and Configure Button

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redmooncloister Tuesday 2 February 2016 at 19:46

Dear admin and native users,


My first playonmac version is 4.2.9 and now updated to 4.2.10.

I encountered two critical problems below:

1. The "Install List" screen keep loading and nothing happens no matter how long I waited(Circle arrows spinning and loop). But I can choose "Install a non-listed program" option.

2. The "Configure" button not functioning. After I installed a game or program, I highlighted it in the main menu and press the "Configure" button, no pop-up window shows up...just nothing. I can use the "Configure Wine" window by right click the highlighted program. But cannot use the "Configure" at the main menu. 


I don't know is that some kind of software I needed to install for PoM, or maybe I installed some software which is in conflict with the PoM.  I searched through out the internet but still no hint to solve this.


Playonmac v4.2.10

MacBook Pro retina mid 2012

Wine v1.8.0, 1.9.0


Thank you everyone and best wishes.

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