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CodeWeavers CrossOver avaliable at discounted rates

CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac

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twickline Sunday 31 July 2016 at 20:50

I have setup a new online store at Wine Reviews and our first products will be CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac and Linux. I know everyone here is interested in POL/ POM but if you would like to indirectly support Wine through purchasing a CrossOver license this is your chance to get a 1 year license with upgrades and support for only $24.95 the normal retail price is $59.95 so a savings of about 60% off.

If your interested in making a purchase the store link is here : http://www.wine-reviews.net/p/store.html

I only have 24 more CrossOver Mac keys available at this price and 22 CrossOver Linux licenses available. Once the available keys are sold the price will go back to the normal selling price.

I know this post is kinda spam'ish, but I just wanted to share the sale with the users here.


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