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Steam/ AOE2 HD with wrong resolution

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lenikey Saturday 25 February 2017 at 17:03


I installed the program on my MacBook Pro with 2560x1600 resolution to play AOE 2 HD via Steam. The game itself works fine. However, I have the strong feeling, that the wine emulation of Steam/ AOE is not using my Macs native solution.

This is how Steam looks like. You can see the font is blurred.
Here a screenshot of the game in fullscreen mode. Again: blurred:
And now, the final clue. A screenshot of AOE in windowed mode. The game is displayed in a smaller window and looks perfect:
Please help me out how to fix this. I already tried to enable "Emulate a virtual desktop" with my resolution under Wine configuration, but nothing changed. It would be so awesome to play AOE in fullscreen mode with the native resolution. 
Thank you so much in advance!