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Company of heroes 1. Singleplayer works, multiplayer broken

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Wolfkriger Saturday 11 March 2017 at 13:41

Hello there, forum!

I've recently installed my all time favourtie RTS game Company of Heroes on my Macbook pro 2014. In singleplayer everything seems to work, however, when I play multiplayer after some minutes in game, it seems like my game keeps going but the enemy units stop moving. For example, in my game I'm still playing but my allied units are standing still. When I type in the chat (wich is still working) they tell me that all my units are dead??

- So the chat/signals etc works, but the game itself, the map and unit movements is out of sync with the other players?

Also at this point, my units will randomly move without being commanded to do so.Really sad, given the fact that singleplayer works without problems.... Same problem on minimum settings. Seems to be a sync problem, just that I keep playing until I "win" the game, just to go out and see a loss in the stats. 

Anyone here had the same problems? I'm using steam installed via playonmac and the version of COH is the "new steam version" that uses steam servers.

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