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Failed to extract dxnt.cab

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Seiryn Monday 18 October 2021 at 15:25


I try to install a software, but i get this error :

[POL_SetupWindow_Init] Message: Creating new window for pid 7644 
[POL_Call] Message: Calling POL_Install_dinput 
[POL_Call] Message: ----- Starting function POL_Install_dinput ----- 
[POL_GPG_auth_script] Message: Checking signature of POL_Install_dinput 
[POL_GPG_install_key] Message: Importing PlayOnLinux public key 
[POL_Source] Message: POL GPG : Good signature 
[POL_Download_Resource] Message: Downloading resource https://download.microsoft.com/download/8/4/A/84A35BF1-DAFE-4AE8-82AF-AD2AE20B6B14/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe 
[POL_Download_Resource] Message: Resource already present 
Extracting cabinet: directx_Jun2010_redist.exe

All done, no errors.
dxnt.cab: No such file or directory

All done, errors in processing 1 file(s)
[source] Error: POL_Install_dinput : Failed to extract dxnt.cab

Any idea ?