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how to upgrade to 4.1.9 ???

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SeaDevil Friday 18 January 2013 at 5:24

Hello,  yes, i'm a newbie at this.

My desktop is Deepin...KDE, i believe...it's chinese so i'm not sure. lol.

anyway, I have pol installed version 4.0.9 ??  and I get a message that says:

new version 4.1.9  needs to be installed to run this program.  MSOffice 2010.

so....I ran the code in Terminal and had no problems there,  but on the

desktop, the link is still for the version 4.0.

How do i upgrade to 4.1  ???

petch Friday 18 January 2013 at 8:37


Didn't you create this desktop shortcut yourself?

Edit: it seems you installed the development version. Don't do that useless you know what you're doing.
To update PlayOnLinux system-wide use packaged version instead.

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