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PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac 4.2.8 now available!

Wednesday 13 May 2015 at 17:28

Development has been picking up steam lately, and as such, we are proud to release PlayOnLinux & PlayOnMac 4.2.8. You can download it here:

Here is the changelog for this release:

  • Feature freeze has been declared for POL 4.x, so this changelog should contain only bug fixes
  • checkVersionUse(): don't assume cfg files have any order
  • manual installation: component installation bugfix ($IFS not restored correctly)
  • POL_OpenShell: call POL_Wine_AutoSetVersionEnv in all cases, to set $PATH (#5062)
  • Fix consecutive shortcut creations
  • POL_Wine_SetVideoDriver bugfix, device IDs were not inserted as DWORDs




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