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TERA Error log 0111:0003 cannot connect to server.

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maugh Friday 27 June 2014 at 1:30

Basically, after signing in the game and hitting the "start" game, I get an error that says 0111:0003, Sorry, our servers aren't available right now.   


I am working from OS X 10.9.3, on a fairly new imac, (3.5 GHz, intel i7, 32 GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX vid card,) with PlayOnMac, and have tried using a variety of wine configurations, including 1.7.20, 1.7.17, 1.6-TERA, and 1.5.30-TERA.  The 1.6-TERA seems to get the farthest, but it can't seem to get connected to their server, even though the server is up.

I searched the forum, and ran into the following thread:

The thread says that this problem is fixed, and suggests several solutions that have not worked. 

If this problem is fixed, I would really appreciate someone telling me how to get around it, but I'm still getting that error.

Thanks for looking at this.