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[Issue] Stronghold 2 v1.4.1

Stronghold Collection DRM-free DVD and Steam versions

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noxbestia Monday 23 March 2015 at 2:15



My goal is to make Stronghold 2 work in Linux.  So far I have failed; however, the demo version works just fine.  That leads me to beleive that something should be able to be configured to get the real version working.  


When I try to start Stronghold 2, I get the intiial options, and then nothing appears to happen after that.  Stronghold2.exe is a running process.  If using the Steam version, Steam acts as if the program is running and even recording the time as if you were playing the game.  I know that this is not a DRM issue as the problem still exists when installing from the DRM-free Stronghold Collecitons DVD.


  • 64-bit Zorin OS 9 Ultiamte (based on Ubuntu 14.04)
  • Intel i7-3770K, 16 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 570
  • I am currently using the Zorin Desktop Environemnt (based on Gnome 3)
  • I have tried numberous  versions of Wine as old as 1.1.23 to 1.7.39
  • I have tried numerous manual configurations with mixed results but none actually getting anything but the demo version to where you can play it.
  • I also tried to use NSLW's Stronghold 2 script that hadbeen written in 2009.
  • I own the orignal Stronghold v1.0 2-CD set (which does have DRM), the Stronghold Collecitons DVD, and the Steam Stronghold Collections package.


I'm game for trying all kinds of different configurations to get this to work, even going as far as doing another OS install for testing if I absolutely have to, though I'd like to eventually get this working with Zorin OS.


If anyone can be of assistance with this, I would greatly apprecaite it.


noxbestia Monday 23 March 2015 at 2:46



I currently have the game running from the DVD install with Wine Version 1.1.23 using the dxFullSetup install option prior to installing the game.  It worked in full screen though it disabled my second monitor.


I re-ran it in a virtual screen.  The intro movie played without error.  I am continuing to test other functionality and I'll report back on my results.

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