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MathType equation editor

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Lindun Thursday 7 April 2016 at 3:01

I installed Office 2010 on Playonlinux on my laptop running Lubuntu.

I installed MathType equation editor in the same virtual drive as Office because it integrates with Office as an add-on.

Initially it seemed to work, but there was a problem, I think with the add-on ribbon. I kept getting messages that macros were disabled and could not find out how to change the normal.dotm file to make this trusted.

It does, however, only work in Word and not in PowerPoint.

I then tried to configure the virtual drive to Wine with Windows 7, then kept getting messages that Office was configuring. In the end, after office crashing, I changed the configuration back to Windows XP and uninstalled MathType. The last time I checked, the ribbon in office had gone, but I could still insert an equation from the insert object menu. In fact MathType works much better now.

I am hoping this will continue. Can anyone explain to me what happened - i.e. why the add-on is still there as an installed object even though I uninstalled the program.

I don't want to fix what "ain't broke" but I am curious in case I have futher problems.