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Can I install a program from within the virtual C drive

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Lindun Thursday 7 April 2016 at 3:10

I am running PlayonLinux on a laptop with Lubuntu installed.

I have two programs I would like to be able to run, but not sure if they would work. They have not really worked yet.

1) I have a program of an examination board question bank. I tried to manually install it, and the installation worked fine. It put a .lnk on my desktop but (I assume this is a shortcut) did not work.

I have tried previously to install this with Wine only and the same thing happened.

I was wondering what whether it would work if I created a virtual drive using PlayonLinux then went into the "C drive" of this and tried to run the exe program from within the virtual drive.

Does this kind of workaround work? I assume if I did this I would have to make a link to the drive and then go into it to launch the program.

2). I have a text book that runs from an exe program. The individual pages are shockwave flash objects (at least I assume that is what they are - the extension is swf).

Is it possible to install this with Playonlinux? It would need to be a manual installation.

If not, would the proposed workaround for (1) work for this as well?