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What is the intended effect of POL_Extension_Write? Is there a bug?

or am I doing something wrong?

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pmorch Tuesday 26 June 2018 at 11:07

POL_Extension_Write doc "Microsoft Word 2007"


seems to put an entry in a list under “Settings/File Associations” in the PlayOnLinux GUI, but does not cause double-clicking on e.g. HelloWorld.doc to open Word, as I would have expected. What are File Associations supposed to do?


If I don’t hear anything I’ll file a bug about this.


Background: I'm updating Word 2007 so it works under PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 18.04 which it currently doesn’t. I have something working, but want to ask here before I post a final version. See a full suggestion for a new MS Word 2007 script here: When it is ready I'll post that separately.



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