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msvd Tuesday 9 June 2020 at 12:49

Hi there,


Challenge...I installed MS Office 2007 Powerpoint only. I use iSPring as an Authoring tool to develop my digital courses and question pools. I know I could use Adobe Captivate doing the same job, but as it is I have iSpring Licensed.

So I want to work from my Macbook Pro with iSpring. They cannot port it to MacOs due its MS Office Add-In functionality.

Installation MS Office 2007 PPT only works pretty flawless. So far so good I tested it with no errors.

When I want to install iSpring, it must be in the same Virtual Location as MS Office 2007. Because it has to see PowerPoint.

So…Will it be possible to install iSpring in the same Virtual Location as Office?  

Thanks in advance for any help.