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using ubuntu to run Traktor Pro 3

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redmaster Monday 27 July 2020 at 21:58

hey guys!

Just to start, I never used ubuntu/linux before, have no idea where to start:), actually I am downloading now ubuntu studio, and will try to install it on my vmware player.

Since I got brand new AMD ryzen 4800h based laptop, I cannot use a midi controller Allen and HEath Xone k2, spent over 100 hours trying to resolve the issue (the device does work under Intel based windows OS, as well as on ancient Athlon desktop and win xp 32 bit). I contacted everyone and used every found on Internet solution for the problem (it seems windows or amd chipset drivers creating the problem).

I ended with no desperate, I actually wanted to sell my laptop which is 1 month old (asus tuf a 17, amd 4800h, super powerfull machine)

I work professionally with music/audio and use several programs to do so, but apart from that I also DJ using Traktor (I think since version pre 2000;), before google, facebook, myspace, youtube ...

I own software and been using it for many years, I do not want to change it, so I try different options, and here

is the guy who managed to run Traktor under Ubuntu. I sent him messages, but in the meantime I want to try to run Ubuntu and see if its possible to use it in my DJ set.

Although I have some IT knowledge (being involved in audio recording for more than 20 years, I know windows from wn98, and know how to deal with it.


I have no clue how to deal with linux/ubuntu...

Would really appreciate someone who could give me some directions (I presume installing Ubuntu would be the first step)

All I want is to run just Traktor Pro on Ubuntu (if my NI kmplete audio 6 interface will run - apparently it will, but I have no clue how to do it... and if all my midi controllers will run

I use Denon sc2000, NI x1 mk1 and mk2, and finally xone k2 as main midi mixer (I play from 4 decks)

in my old laptop which died on me 6 weeks ago, it was all running smoothly, but since I got new AMD ryzen cpu based laptop - it doesn't (just to add, I checked it on more than dozen other computers, laptop and desktop

all Inter based - ok, all ryzen new 7nm cpu - failure desktop and laptop as well. It even run on my ancient winxp/32bit athlon desktop:(

I actually gave up couple days ago, as I spent more than 100 hours trying to resovle the issue without any luck, until I somehow google linux and traktor and found above link to youtube video where the Russian lad managed to make it run, so I want to give it a go/

In comments on the video there is info about playonlinux as well wine and winetricks(?) this directed me here, and also I see soem info about installing and running Traktor Pro 3,

but whe I read it it's Chinese for me:(

Please if anyone can give me basics advice on how to approach whole idea, and give step by step manual (or direct me somewhere)

I would really appreciate it.


big thanks in advance

redmaster Tuesday 28 July 2020 at 0:30

I managed to instal Ubuntu and run it on vmwarePLayer.

After some research, I have found a way how to istall wine and finaly playonlinux.

Still this is brand new OS for me and I move around like a baby in the mist:)

I want to check if my audio / midi devices are 'visible' to the system, how to do it?

and next step obviously I want to install drivers,

should I do it via playonlinux software, and if yes, how to do it ?


thanks in advance and please understand my completely lack of knowledge in the area



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