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Alice - American McGee (1999/2011) - has to run from Command Prompt?

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evild4ve Sunday 8 January 2023 at 7:27

Is there a better way of doing the below?


Xubuntu 22.04
Wine 6.0.3
Windows 7
Winetricks: nothing (iirc)
DLL overrides: cgame, cgamex86, fgame, fgamex86, mss32

I had no luck with the original release from 1999/2000 but was able to get the 2011 remastered version running with the following steps:-

1. Copy the whole Alice1 folder onto drive_c

2. Configure > Wine > Open a Command Prompt

3. C:

4. cd Alice1\bin\

5. Alice.bat

(The batch file runs 'alice.exe -RunningFromAlice2'. The tag on the end is to tell the game it isn't being opened from within Alice 2 - Madness Returns, as was normal for this release)

There are numerous graphical settings tweaks described at


To make windows .bat files open in wine, it seems to be necessary to tell the text editor that "External Tools execute external commands shell scripts" (see I don't use gedit as my text editor but the other text editor has the same option in preferences so I presume this is standard for Linux text editors. But I definitely don't want .bat files to run a executables from my file manager as the default behaviour - I only want them to do that from wine. Is that possible?

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