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Blood Bowl (2009) - LAN Multiplayer?

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evild4ve Monday 9 January 2023 at 17:33

I've installed this on 2 PCs with basically vanilla settings and it's working single-player but players can't see each other in the lobby after creating a game.

(I didn't use the install script but went back and got dotnet20 etc mentioned in it)

UPnP is off and the the port it defaults to  (16962) is forwarded on the router.

The port is also set to ACCEPT on iptables and ALLOW on ufw. I find most games since 1999 work even without this.

Further back in the terminal there is one error that looks relevant but I think this must be generated from the internet leagues option on the previous page.

 | GC CAccountRetrievalRequest
(Warning) Inet Address "" requires a lookup
 | Contexts : GLOBAL(1)GUI(1)CAMERAMENUS(1)
 | GC CAccountRetrievalEvent COULD NOT LOG AS GUEST



I only have 1 Player Key - I couldn't find anywhere that each player on a LAN game needs one, but does anyone know if I'm wasting my time due to it rejecting the additional players without a Player Key? This would be pretty typical for the era.

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