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further to suggestions re: already installed games

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diziet Monday 27 October 2008 at 0:51

first off, POL is cool, i'm slowly migrating all my win games from cedega to POL, excellent work!
there are two other suggestions regarding games already installed, one regarding modifying existing installed games played under wine and one regarding installing linux native games, what i'd like is a simple way to add a launcher for other games/progs. no need for a script to actually install the game but just launch it, i've got some native games already installed and it would be nice to have a launcher with an icon in the POL gui to launch those games.
i realise that this can be done manually (i think) by making a launch script and putting it in the correct directory and an icon of the right name (same as launch script) in its correct directory but an 'add launcher' option that prompts for the name of the launcher, then prompts for the binary/script to launch, say: ~/bin/ut2004 and then prompts for an icon, then copies the icon to the correct place with the correct name and create a one line script to launch the binary/script.
this way i could add all my native. dosbox and scummvm games (scummvm does have its own perfectly cromulent gui) in one place when i wish to play a game

as an aside. can someone confirm that the dosbox plugin is not meant to show up in the list of plugins, but exists to allow POL to install dos games via POL install scripts and not to allow install of any dos game even if the isn't a POL script? i assume this is the case because i can't think of any otherreason why after installing the plugin it doesn't show up in the plugins dropdown list

again, nice work, thank you

hduff Friday 17 January 2014 at 1:00

I enjoyed the feature from Cedega that allowed using the Cedega interface to run already-installed native Linux games. Adding that feature to POL would be nice.