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Can't input product key for MS Office 2007

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stellina Tuesday 7 July 2009 at 10:17

Hi everyone,

I've successfully installed office2007. During the installation process, I couldn't enter the product key. Although I clicked on the input, I couldn't see the cursor blinking and of course I couldn't type there the key. I continued the installation and I'm able to run word, excel(I can use office without a key for ~25times) but every time it asks me for the product key. The behavior is always the same ( I cannot enter the product key in that window). Do you have any ideas?

thank you,
NSLW Tuesday 7 July 2009 at 12:31

It's hard to advise something because i don't do anything special in script before starting Office 2007 installation and for you the installer starts with the same Wine version as for me.
Do you've got the same problem starting installation from plain Wine?

I checked if I can activate Office 2007 after it has been installed and failed to do that, but found an solution which is already in script so i can now activate after and before installation.

Please install Office 2007 again and check if you can activate the product after installation process if you cannot do it before

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