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How to install Age of Empires III with PlayOnLinux ???

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timiti29 Sunday 18 July 2010 at 10:32

Hi, I just installed PlayOnLinux and I wanted to install Age of Empires III.
I managed to install it but some window after window asking for space ram the graphics card I get an error:
"Enable V-Sync in game, you will not Otherwise Be Able to run the game Segond time"
Then I made and I have a following error:
"Please note That this game ha copy protection system and Sadly, it Prevent wine frof running the game."
So I made on the next window disappears!
Then I try to start Age of Empires III, but nothing happening and what I CD1 in the drive.

actually I did install the Install button / games / Age of Empire III, then Aplique
then he asks me to insert my 3 cd and copy them! it does not install them!
how should I install really Age Of Empires III ???
because it creates the folder to be with Windows but I do not see the folder microsoft game ...
How should I do to install it and actually played?
Thank you all.;-)

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NSLW Tuesday 20 July 2010 at 21:30

The script looks for "instalar.exe" (Spanish AOE III ) or "setup.exe" (Non-Spanish AOE III) to start installation. Do you've got any of these files on your first CD? If not then please post what exe files do you've got on first CD (please pay attention to case of letters in name)