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Justice Monday 20 May 2013 at 0:42

(Please excuse my english, it is my second language, i'll do my best to be understandable)

Hello there, i'm a PC user and i play a lot of console video games with my girlfriend.

We've been playing D3 for a while and grew tired of it, now we want to play Neverwinter online open beta.

I read there's no Mac OS client for the game, but that it is compatible with Wine.


I started reading about Wine, how it works whats it do etc. and after an hour or 2 i tried to install it.

I am getting most of the process until i come to game installation, i want to choose a directory and it's always telling me i have only 3mo of available disc space.

I think i need to create a partition that will be considered like "windows" but i'm not getting it. 

I read about a program named Bootcamp, but i would need another copy of windows etc.

After many different problems like this i've found no good solutions so i tought i'd ask here.

If you have tutorials for new users or things like that, i'm very interested.

Thanks for reading me until the end, i know it's not exactly easy considering my poor english.

Hope i can make it work on my gf's mac, so we can play together. =)

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