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Soliprax error debugging output

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heyholetsgo Monday 7 October 2013 at 19:08



> Distribution
Mountain Lion 10.8.5 (12.5.0)
> glxinfo \| grep rendering
direct rendering: Yes
> glxinfo \| grep renderer
OpenGL renderer string: NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 OpenGL Engine
> OpenGL libs (Direct rendering testing)

[10/07/13 18:26:09] - This is a 32bits prefix!
[10/07/13 18:26:12] - Running wine- cmd /c echo %ProgramFiles% (Working directory : /Users/frankschiebel/Library/PlayOnMac)
C:\Program Files

[10/07/13 18:26:43] - Running wine- /Volumes/soliprax/setup.exe (Working directory : /Volumes/soliprax)
err:richedit:ReadStyleSheet skipping optional destination
err:richedit:ReadStyleSheet skipping optional destination
fixme:shell:SHAutoComplete stub
[10/07/13 18:32:17] - Running wine- SoliPrax.exe (Working directory : /Users/frankschiebel/Library/PlayOnMac/wineprefix/Soliprax/drive_c/Program Files/SoliPrax)
[10/07/13 18:32:18] - Running wine- SoliPrax.exe (Working directory : /Users/frankschiebel/Library/PlayOnMac/wineprefix/Soliprax/drive_c/Program Files/SoliPrax)
[10/07/13 18:32:19] - Running wine- SoliPrax.exe (Working directory : /Users/frankschiebel/Library/PlayOnMac/wineprefix/Soliprax/drive_c/Program Files/SoliPrax)

My english is not so good.
If possible, I would prefer answers in german.

Thanks for help.

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