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Wine Mono Installer freeze

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al13326 Tuesday 26 May 2015 at 23:39

Hello, I'm almost 3 years of PlayOnLinux user but this is the first time I experienced a problem...


I updated POL to 4.2.8 and install a latest version of Wine (1.7.43). But when I try to create a virtual drive and download  from "Wine Mono Installer", the progress bar immediately fill even though it still downloading (thanks to System Monitor, I'm able to check my internet speed). And when the download complete (I think) the dialog box freeze as if nothing happened. I wait at least an hour or 2 but still no progress, so I've decided to cancel the procedure and repeat it again, but to no avail.

So if anyone can help me with this will be greatly appreciated.

Levan Wednesday 27 May 2015 at 22:49

Well try doing so cancel mono installation and carry on with other things you were planning to run on POL if you know that something should run and it is not running because you are missing mono you can download mono windows version from mono project homepage and install it manually

al13326 Friday 7 August 2015 at 1:22

Sorry for very late reply, but it seems it's now working. I think the problem was from the host (server) and not from client IMO.

Anyway, thanks for your help.