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Problems installing MS Office 2007 on Ubuntu 18.04

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gdesilva Thursday 14 June 2018 at 12:29


I have been running MS Office 2007 using PlayonLinux on Ubuntu 16.04 without any issues. Recently, I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 and tried to re-install MS Office 2007 on the freshly installed Ubuntu 18.04.

The installation hit a problem of trying to create a virtual drive - goes on and on and I had to abandoned this process. When the installation started again, I was able to repair the virtual drive but when it came to entering the product key, the screen only displays the 'key' icon - no product key field displayed. I entered the key without being able to see the numbers entered and pressed enter which then takes me to another blank display. I checked the debugger which complained about not having freetype libraries - I downloaded them and installed but the problem remains the same.

I would appreciate if anyone can give me some pointers.


PS. I am a total newbie with PlayonLinux apart from using it to access MS Office with Ubuntu 16.04

gdesilva Sunday 17 June 2018 at 8:39

OK, it turns out that the problem was due to the fact that I had a old config file left in my new installation and PlayonLinux was using that to install an older version of wine. I removed all old config files and reinstalled Office and now the problem has gone away.

I am still stuck with not being able to save Word documents - will work on it and see what needs to be done. If anyone has encountered this issue, I would love to hear  the solution for it.

Many thanks

gdesilva Monday 18 June 2018 at 9:02



Although I was able to install MSOffice 2007 in 64bit architecture, I could not open an existing docx file or save a new file. I kept getting errors such as 'Open xml file <file name> could not be opened'. Subsequently, a 'Configuration Process' window opened and stopped half way with another error message.


Then I removed the virtual drive and re-installed Office in 32 bit architecture and now I have no issues with opening or saving files.


Just sharing this info if someone else comes across the same issue.


If anyone can shed some light on this problem, it will be greatly appreciated.


EDIT : Should have read earlier....as per WineHQ, Winword works on 32 architecture only!






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gdesilva Friday 22 June 2018 at 9:32

With the above, while I was able to start and use Word and Excel, I still had a problem with Powerpoint.

The fix for powerpoint problem is...

1. Highlight Powerpoint app on PlayOnLinux
2. Select configure on top menu bar
3. Click on Wine tab
4. Click configure wine - wine config screen appears
5. Select Libraries and add 'riched20.dll' and apply

Now I can start powerpoint from POL.

Thanks to the post by cipricus in https://askubuntu.com/questions/1558...ce-2007#258717

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