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Alternative to /dev/cdrom

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Goldy Tuesday 5 August 2008 at 3:31

I am attempting to install WarCraft 3 from .mdf/.mds. Before you
ask, yes, I do own a copy, and yes, I do have a valid CD Key.
years, any time I purchase a game, I rip it so that I can loose/scratch
the original cd and still be fine. This has worked well for me in
windows since harddrive read speeds are way faster, and I can get from
one game to another much faster, but now I'm trying to do Linux 100%
instead of rebooting into windows any time I want to play a game. I do
not use any sort of crack, because it is not needed when you rip as well
as me :-D.

Anyway, I have converted the mdf to iso, because apparently the mdf
files I created in Alchohol only work in Alchohol and have now mounted
these to /mnt/iso, but I'm only allowed to choose /dev/cdrom or
/dev/cdrom0 but I would like to choose /mnt/iso as my cddrive.

Is there anyway to modify the scripts I'm running? I've been unable to
locate where the actual scripts are stored... or is that list generated
by my system by some configuration file I could modify?

cendre Wednesday 6 August 2008 at 12:04


and after , Tools>run a local script
Ante Sunday 10 August 2008 at 21:19

To modify the script do this:
1. Choose install Warcraft III.
2. Abort the installation wizard.
3. Look for a file named "Install" in "/home/username/.PlayOnLinux".
4. Modifty the file to you liking.

But I think all do is just comment out this:
Check_cdrom "install.exe"

with a # like this:
#Check_cdrom "install.exe"

And look up this:
ln -s $CDROM ./d:
cd "$CDROM"

And change it to this:
ln -s /mnt/iso ./d:
cd "/mnt/iso"

Then saves everything and "Runs a un-official script" under "Tools".

I hope this helps! =)

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