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Need help with ie7 & mshtml7

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schotty Tuesday 7 August 2012 at 0:10

OK.  Crossover user primarily here.

I got it functional and running great in Crossover, making an attempt to bring this over into PoL.  Now, the one problem I have from what CX needs to get STO/CO to run is IE.  The launcher is what actually needs this, and has been a req since last January or so.

If I create a prefix, and install all the other deps along with STO into it, all goes as planned.  However, an install of IE7 fails.  If I start with a prefix using a install script to get IE7 installed, STO's installer pukes after the initial selection of the language.

Any tips as to what to do to get IE installed?  The requirement is IE7+ and MSHTML7+. However, I have found that sticking to versions 7 of each worked best in CX, at least at the time the change was made.  And the CX crosstie specifies usage of v7 of each as well.


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