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Winebuild update

Dinsdag 27 November 2018 om 0:16

Hi everyone,

Just a short news to announce that we have updated our wine build environement. If you are experiencing issues with our current wine builds (freetype problems, windows too small, ...), this piece of information may interest you.

Pursuing the work concerning the decentralization of our services, we have released a tool than can compile any version of wine directly on your computer or on your server:

What are the advantage of this new tool?

So what do I have to do if I have problems with the old builds?

Because they are compiled with more up-to-date dependencies, we are expecting the new builds to work better on recent distributions. This should fix most of the problems that you have reported to us recently.

However, we are rebuilding the old packages one by one and it takes time. We advise you to follow the build status here to ensure that the versions you are using are rebuilt: Then, uninstall your current wine versions from POL and reinstalling them should fix the problem you are encoutering.

As you may have noticed, POL / POM 4 have already been updated to use this new format. If you are using 4.3+, you are good to go smiley


  • We plan to mirror all the builds in / near the United States
  • We will probably provide a web interface so that you can request for custom builds with custom patches. This web interface shall be open source so that you can host it where you want.