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WineBuild Requests!

Woensdag 18 Augustus 2010 om 22:57

Hi everybody!

After more than 300 lines of code, more than 1 week of work, we are happy to announce that you can now make a custom Wine build and allow other members of the PlayOnLinux community to benefit from it.

Why we offer this kind of service
At least two reasons. This has been requested for a long time and... even if the Wine team improves performance on each new release, for some games/software you have to use a version of Wine which was compiled with some patches (e.g.: Command and Conquer 3 Kane Edition was available in PlayOnLinux long before it was fully supported by Wine. And for this game, we had been using a patched Wine, but in the past it was really hard to implement this in PoL).

Another nice piece of information is that every registered user on this site can make a request for free!

So I'm sure that you've now only one question, "where I can post my request?"
Well, wait just a second because all remaining information is on the forum, here!