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Trying to create script but having trouble

pol_gog_install "/nogui" doesn't work

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smallmj Donderdag 7 Februari 2013 om 0:44

Hi there,

I'm running Playonlinux 4.1.9 on Debian Testing i386.

I'm trying to create a script to set up GOG The Bard's Tale.  

It's a big game, so the gog installer needs the /nogui option to keep it from freezing with the well known too many winprocs error.

So I have this line in my script:

POL_Call POL_GoG_install "/nogui"

However, the GOG gui still comes up and freezes 2/3 of the way through.

Am I doing something wrong?
petch Donderdag 7 Februari 2013 om 1:00


No that's what I use when I get this problem (say, on The Witcher).
petch Donderdag 7 Februari 2013 om 1:29

... Indeed a change broke it, reverting; It should work again now.
smallmj Donderdag 7 Februari 2013 om 16:27

Thanks, the installer is running without gui now.

I do find it a little unnerving that the functions get updated automatically. That seems a little scary. security wise.
petch Donderdag 7 Februari 2013 om 17:21

Well, it's digitally signed with GPG, checked by your POL client, and I could update it because of my developer rank on the web site, that makes me accountable for scripts security (and scripts good behavior in general). .
That could be improved (there's always to improve security), but scripts are not wide open for changes, if that's what worried you.

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