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League of Legends crash

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eddi3x3 Zaterdag 2 Maart 2013 om 14:29

I disabled GLSL and it still gives me a black screen with the hud rendered, it's very odd, I will try to post more logs
eddi3x3 Zaterdag 2 Maart 2013 om 14:43

here is the game log
the network log for the game (i think it's empty)
xpander Zaterdag 2 Maart 2013 om 17:15

are you sure its running with nvidia gfx?
might be the problem with your primusrun/playonlinux and LoL actually trying to run with your intel gfx, which doesnt have all the nessecary features.

cant you turn off the intel gfx from BIOS? and go full nvidia one to try out.

i have no knowledge of optimus stuff though. never had one. dont like laptops for gaming:)
eddi3x3 Zondag 3 Maart 2013 om 16:12

so what you're saying is taht thee game is trying to render with the intel gfx instead of the nvidia rp propriotary drivers?
eddi3x3 Zondag 3 Maart 2013 om 16:34

Ok so i decided to run vblank_mode=0 primusrun playonlinux (basically run playonlinux and it's child processes with no vertical sync) and now league of legends works! everything renders correctly and i get 70-80 fps using primusrun over using optirun from bumblebee =D marking this as solved
xpander Maandag 4 Maart 2013 om 3:54

great. at least its working now then :)
though optimus is still problematic on linux:(
Otyugh Vrijdag 6 September 2013 om 19:27

Problem is back after last LoL update : wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x6e654763 at address 0xa32c98 (thread 0050), starting debugger...