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Best way to backup and restore POL steam and games

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geeve420 Donderdag 28 Februari 2013 om 20:18

Sorry if this has been covered before. I am new to POL and I installed it on Kubuntu 12.04, I then installed Skyrim via steam. I borked up my install and I am going to start fresh with a new install of Ubuntu 12.04.

My question is can I backup my installed games and info then restore that after I get the OS reinstall done? The reason I ask is because my Skyrim saves and the game download is close to 5GB and on my connection it litteraly takes days. I would like to avoid that if all possible.


Thanks in advance,



petch Donderdag 28 Februari 2013 om 21:33


Safest and fastest way would be to backup the ~/.PlayOnLinux/ directory. I think you'll need to keep the same login, because it contains some absolute paths here and there.

Just for information, for specific games you could have used PlayOnLinux Vault (Extensions > PlayOnLinux Vault).

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geeve420 Donderdag 28 Februari 2013 om 21:56

Great thank you so much! I will be sure to keep the same login details (that's a good bit of information right there)

Thanks again