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Problem Installing OneNote2007

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usermind Vrijdag 1 Maart 2013 om 20:54

Hi Guys, I tried installing OneNote2007 (from MSDNAA, therefore legit) using the Microsoft 2007 'shortcut' in POL. 

The problem happened when it finished the installation and tried to find Excel, Word etc. which brought to a error message.

I also tried "Install a non listed program", but I've got a "O_setup.dll" missing error.

What can I do? I want to install only the OneNote, to the entire suite.

Thanks in advance 
usermind Zondag 3 Maart 2013 om 15:32

I posted on the wrong Forum. Can somebody please move it?
petch Zondag 3 Maart 2013 om 17:42

Where should it be, manual installations?
You're not using the script the way it's intended to be used, so at least it doesn't go in "Application Tests" in my mind.
petch Zondag 3 Maart 2013 om 17:44

You can check the AppDB about tips on how to get OneNote2007 working (or almost working):