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Might and Magic 9

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Daerandin Zondag 14 April 2013 om 2:26

WIne Version: 1.5.8
Distribution: Arch Linux
GPU: nvidia geforce gtx 670 mx
Driver: 304.88

GOG version.

I was struggling a bit to get this working, trying out different wine versions as well as different libraries installed. However, once I enabled virtual desktop, it would run without problems. Loading screens are black, but that's the only issue I've seen so far. I have not played a lot, but my testing so far appear to work. Earlier wine versions gave me much longer load time for opening menus, loading new area and so on. With the above listed wine version everything loads fast. Windows version is set to XP.

Edit: I created the Playonlinux shortcut for the game using the lithtech.exe file, NOT the mm9.exe file.

I seem to have made an oversight. I just now noticed the Manual installation category of the forums. Any mod that spot this should probably move my post to the approrpiate section. My apologies for this oversight.

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