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Downloading uptade stay on 0

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cassambitar Maandag 3 Juni\ 2013 om 18:39

I try to play dota 2 on my mac, but to do this i need to install the steam client, but when its start the update just stay on 0. i think this is because the progam thinks i use the steam from another computer.
Ronin DUSETTE Woensdag 5 Juni\ 2013 om 4:35

Thats odd. I just installed the steam client in a virtual drive from the Install section.

Can you post the debug output? It should work pretty good. Mine got stuck for a minutes or so, and then it finished the install.

Also, make sure your PlayOnMac version is up to date. The latest is 4.2.1. 

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sirbdek Vrijdag 14 Juni\ 2013 om 14:59

Try installing HackSteam first and rerun Steam.

See my PlayOnMac DotA 2 Guide here: