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rexxar___ Zaterdag 8 Juni\ 2013 om 2:53

So I installed steam today on playonmac and when I tried to log into my account, it says I needed to verify it was me through a code sent to my email. But after like 5 times of resending the email, I don't get any... Is their a fix for this or am I screwed? I checked if it was in my spam folder and nothing. And I know this works because I recently linked my dads computer to my account doing the same process and it worked.
Ronin DUSETTE Zaterdag 8 Juni\ 2013 om 5:57

Try to install the Linux version of Steam on your computer first, and then try to run the playonmac version again. I just did it on my linux machine the other day, and it asked me to do the same thing, so I did that, and it worked. Maybe that will help.

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