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Work better than Wineskin?

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Doccus Maandag 10 Juni\ 2013 om 22:04

I have a whole lot of PC pinball games,  many of which I've been able to run on OSX  either via Wineskin, or Virtual Box. Some do not run, even so.. I downloadad this  to see if it would work better than Wineskin, for pinballs, especially Future Pinball.
 As pinballs rarely show up in compatibility lists, I'm wondering if anyone else has experience with them. Does this tend to work better than Wineskin, in general? Any special ettings I need to know? THX
Ronin DUSETTE Dinsdag 11 Juni\ 2013 om 10:13

virtual box needs a whole operating system. Wine does not. All applications are different, so you could try a manual install of one of those games using PlayOnLinux/PlayOnMac, and if it fails, we can use the debug output to troubleshoot it and try to get it running.

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