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chrtylee Vrijdag 26 Juli 2013 om 2:37

i already had WoW installed and wanted to use PoL to manage the wine version and to configure wine. i find it easier thru PoL. To make this possible i created a PoL virtual drive named WoW then copy and pasted all of the WoW folder into it then selected install a non listed program and chose the WoW exe, this of course launched the game not installed it but now i can use PoL to modify wine settings by editing the virtual drive. The only thing i cant figure out is how to get WoW to show up on the PoL box as if i did install thru PoL.
petch Vrijdag 26 Juli 2013 om 2:41

Configure button > (select virtual drive) > General tab > Create a shortcut from this virtual drive
booman Vrijdag 26 Juli 2013 om 19:57

Yup, thats how I do it too.

Actually you don't even need to do an install for games, you can use Configure, then new at the bottom to create a virtual drive.
From there you copy game files, install libraries set wine version and then a shortcut.
I've had to do this a few times because the install wouldn't work.
Just so you know...

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