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GOG Wizardry ERROR

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Menoch Maandag 12 Augustus 2013 om 1:58

I just recently downloaded Wizardry 8 from GOG (It is listed in PlayOnMac Installations list)

I downloaded it via PlayOnMac and upon trying to install it, PlayOnMac says the file is corrupt.  This happens each and every time I try and install it.

I then downloaded it via the GOG downloader and upon installation I get:


Runtime Error (at 139:148):

Access Violation at address 46EF6A1E in module 'gdiplus.dll". Read os address 08156F3C.


I am running a MacMini
Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.4
2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
8GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM

I am using PlayOnMac Version 4.2.1

Would some kind soul please help this old man play a classic?


I used this code:

Copied and pasted it into TextEdit and saved it to desktop.

I used this to fire up the Installer however I was not using the correct version of Wine (1.4.1) called for in the code.

It's amazing what one can accomplish when one wants something bad enough.

Thank you, Xodetaetl
and Thank you PlayOnMac for a fantastic program!


Aangepast door Menoch

petch Maandag 12 Augustus 2013 om 7:27


I guess they updated their installer so the download hash should be updated to match (what's the MD5 of the .exe now?).
But copy-pasting the script should not have been necessary, given it leaves the choice to run an already downloaded file, looking like you made it more complicated than necessary...