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Help getting 'the Sims 3' working

And a few questions

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xp15 Dinsdag 17 Juni\ 2014 om 1:33


Im running Ubuntu 12.04, Unity, PlayOnLinux 4.2.2 .


Installation went smooth. Succesfully. The game starts to run (Intros are slow).
At the second loging screen, after some little loading, the music stops and the game crahses.

Any suggestions for installing it better? I've made it to run the launcher by installing the ".NET Framework 2.0" with the Terminal of the Game's Virtual Drive.

Also, There's no POL installation for Sims3? Saw only updates, but even after installing 'The sims 3', It asks me to install it before continuing.

If more information is needed, Please tell me what and how to find it, and I'll give it.

Any suggestions are very very welcomed.

Thanks for your help. Have a nice day.

xyzxyz Dinsdag 17 Juni\ 2014 om 4:29

put Origin and sims 3 in offline mode.

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xp15 Dinsdag 17 Juni\ 2014 om 23:17

Hey, Thank!
I dont think I have Origin Installed. And I can't tell How I put Sims3 in offline mode. I guess disabling the pc connectino will be enough.

Just tried it, didnt work.
Maybe if I'll update the game?

xyzxyz Dinsdag 17 Juni\ 2014 om 23:29

Try override jscript (builtin)
xp15 Donderdag 19 Juni\ 2014 om 7:58

I did it with WIne configuration "(Builtin, Native)" in Libraries.

How do I use "The Sims3 -Updates"?

xyzxyz Woensdag 25 Juni\ 2014 om 2:26

I don't know, sorry. My version of sims 3 is the origin version, and i can update it from sims3 launcher.