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Cannot emulate window after update to PlayOnMac 4.2.5

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Death Merchant Maandag 29 September 2014 om 23:46
Death MerchantAnonymous

Was running WINE 1.7.26. Switching to 1.7.27 makes no difference. Emulate a desktop option has no effect.

Thanks in advance

OSX version: 10.9.5

PlayOnMac version: 4.2.5

Your graph card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB graphics



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Quentin PÂRIS Dinsdag 30 September 2014 om 21:21
Quentin PÂRIS

It is because wine > 1.7 does no longer use XQuartz by default (you can still force it though).

Emulate a desktop option only works with XQuartz.