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Haventh Woensdag 19 Maart 2008 om 14:18

I tried changing the language to english but it does not help. It's in italian/french or something and i just don't understand what the msges is.

It goes back to the standard language even after i change and restart problem. Help?
Quentin PÂRIS Woensdag 19 Maart 2008 om 17:11
Quentin PÂRIS

Can you show me a screenshot please ?
Haventh Woensdag 19 Maart 2008 om 22:32

Here is screenshot:


Aangepast door Haventh

Quentin PÂRIS Maandag 31 Maart 2008 om 22:18
Quentin PÂRIS

Ok... The program is just asking to you to give your cdrom mount point. I'm going to correct that problem when i have the time
Je bent hier: Index > PlayOnLinux > Language?