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Flickering Screen and Install Component Issues

Trying to fix Command and Conquer 3

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Dudgerz7878 Zondag 21 December 2014 om 16:15

Ever since I have upgraded my computer to OSX Yosemite and updated my Play of Mac installation to 4.2.5, I have been having flickering screen errors on various games. Now, as I try to fix the settings to gdiplus and/or fbo, it launches with a Direct X 9 error. Now when I try to install it, no dialog box comes up. It just says, "Please Wait" and then closes up. The program doesn't crash, the window with the installation closes out without any notice.


Help? I need this to work ASAP.

Quentin PÂRIS Zondag 21 December 2014 om 23:43
Quentin PÂRIS

PoM 4.2.5 bundles an updated version of wine that do no longer use XQuartz.

If the script is flickering, a known work around is to CMD+Tab your game twice

Otherwise, you can try with an XQuartz based wine engine (1.4.x typically). (Tools -> Manage Wine Version, then assign it to your program).

Also, don't forget to reinstall XQuartz after Yosemite upgrade