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Problem installing FxPro cTrader on Mac

Strange popup during instalation

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tomh2 Zondag 17 Mei 2015 om 19:40

Hello everyone,

When I try to instal ctrader-fxpro-setup.exe an 'internet explorer' popup opens with a blank screen and this in the url: http://fxpro.ctrader.com/xTrader.application

Then the installation goes no furthur.

Can anyone help why this is the case? 

Many thanks, Tom

Ronin DUSETTE Zondag 17 Mei 2015 om 19:43

Full computer specs and debug logs (without that, any answers that you get will be guesses)? Also, have you checked https://appdb.winehq.org/? You should check out the wiki, too. There is lot's of information available that may help you figure it out. 



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