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Show Installed Components ?

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mark_orion Woensdag 29 Juli 2015 om 21:10

Is there a way to see which components have been installed with the "Installed Components" system ?

I was expecting a kind of toggle between an installed and an uninstalled state, but nothing seems to change in the list after I installed a component.

I do not know if I am missed this feature or if this is an urgently missing feature.

tnx, Mark

petch Woensdag 29 Juli 2015 om 21:20

Nope, installing a component involves adding/overwriting/deleting files, setting/modifying/removing registry keys, and the different components are not even orthogonal among them (ie don't modify common files or common settings).

So there's no such thing as "list of installed components" that would help deeply understand what has been done to a virtual drive (for example having the property that reinstalling one of the components listed would be guaranteed to be a no-op, etc.)

Closest thing you can do is open the debugger (Tools > PlayOnLinux debugger) and check the virtual drive log for component installations; Or from command line, grep 'Starting function POL_Install_' ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/<VirtualDriveName>/playonlinux.log:

$ grep 'Starting function POL_Install_' ~/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/log2/playonlinux.log
[05/23/15 19:36:00] - ----- Starting function POL_Install_d3dcompiler_43 -----
[05/23/15 19:36:03] - ----- Starting function POL_Install_xact -----
[06/15/15 00:19:08] - ----- Starting function POL_Install_VideoDriver -----


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booman Woensdag 19 Augustus 2015 om 0:13

You an also go to Wine Configuration and click the "Libraries" tab.  It will show most of the libraries that were installed from a script.  Probably not all of them, but the major Direct X, Visual C, Dot NET, etc.

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